Supercharge Your File Management with Files and Listary


Elevate your productivity with Listary

In our continuous effort to enhance your file management experience, we’re proud to introduce a powerful new integration to Files. With the release of Files v3.4 and Listary v6.3, we’ve implemented a direct integration with Listary, a feature many of you have eagerly requested.

This integration is the result of a close collaboration with the Listary developer, who shares our vision of creating a seamless file management experience. Designed to complement the existing search capabilities in Files, this integration provides an even more streamlined and efficient workflow for our users.

Start your journey with Files and Listary

Listary is a powerful search utility renowned for its rapid retrieval of files and folders. Now, with our integration, you can harness Listary’s advanced search prowess right within Files.

For those with Listary v6.3, the integration is seamless and automatic, requiring no additional setup. Otherwise, you can visit Listary’s download page to get started.

Once enabled, you’ll have access to the following features:

Instant search results: Simply double-tap the ctrl key to summon the search bar, granting you immediate access to your files.

Listary search box

Contextual power: Right-click on any search result to explore Listary’s extensive context menu, offering a multitude of actions at your fingertips.

Listary context menu

Quick switch: Seamlessly transition to the active folder in Files when opening or saving documents via another application. Additionally, once the file dialog appears, you can also switch to Files, navigate to your desired folder—such as a pinned location—and upon returning to the dialog, it will automatically update to reflect your chosen folder.

Listary Quick Switch feature

Folder navigation: A single click on a folder within the search results swiftly transports you there, opening it in the current tab or pane of Files.

For comprehensive details and support concerning Listary, please visit their integration options page


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Thank you for using Files! 😊

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