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Translating Files

Adding a new language (requires Visual Studio 2019 and Multilingual App Toolkit)

  • Ensure you have Visual Studio 2019 and the Multilingual App Toolkit extension .
  • Fork and clone the Files repository.
  • Open in VS 2019.
  • Right-click on the Files (Universal Windows) project.
  • Select Multilingual App Toolkit > Add translation language.
    • If you get a message saying “Translation Provider Manager Issue,” just click OK and ignore it. It’s unrelated to adding a language.
  • Select a language.
  • Once you select a language, new .xlf files will be created in the MultilingualResources folder.
  • Now follow the Improving an existing language steps below.

Improving an existing language (can be done with any text editor)

  • Inside the \src\Files\MultilingualResources folder, open the .xlf of the language you want to translate.

  • If you’re using a text editor, translate the strings inside the <target> node. Then change the state property to translated.

    A green arrow pointing to the target node

  • If you’re using the Multilingual Editor, translate the strings inside the Translation text field. Make sure to save to preserve your changes.

    A green arrow pointing to the translation text field

  • Once you’re done, commit your changes, push to GitHub, and make a pull request.