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Troubleshoot installation issues

The installation process for Files relies on appinstaller and msix. While the installation process usually works as expected, it occasionally fails so we put together a list of issues and solutions.

App installation failed with error message: error 0xC00CEE23 The XML in the .appinstaller file is not valid: Line 33, Column 5, Reason: ’>’ expected. (Oxc00cee23)

This issue can usually be by restarting Windows and running the appinstaller again.

An error occurred while accessing the file from the web. Please try downloading and opening the file locally.

There aren’t any known solution for this issue.

Windows can’t open this type of file (.appinstaller)

This occurs when the appinstaller component is missing from Windows and can be resolved by running the Store reset command wsreset -i in PowerShell or Command Prompt.